Yippee!! Today was hubby's second day at work! The physical therapy sure has done wonders - as well as his stubborness - and he's taken over his old duties at Cub Scouts (I was a poor substitute - the kids adore him so), and is drivin' himself again! Even though work is as always, full of stress for him (he works for the government, so stress is part and parcel), he sure is happy to be self-sufficient again! Havin' me wait on him hand and foot wasn't just tirin' for me, but for his pride, too. And we'll say that my drivin' isn't up to his standards - I think he's left dents in the dashboard from holdin' on when I'd drive him to PT! So let's say that he's happy to be behind the wheel and leave it at that! :-)

Anyway, I hope it's obvious that I didn't stay away 'cause I wanted to - but because I just had no time (or energy). Don't get me wrong, we're still brutally busy and I'm still tired ... but his bein' more mobile sure does take the edge off. I'm plannin' to spend all day in my studio tomorrow ... I've got tons of sketches to get on my computer (and turned into actual patterns - including a "Quilt Totin' tote bag" - but you can use it for anything, of course!!), so I'll be busier (and happier) than ya'll can imagine! I have to say, when you're spending 2 hours every other day in a doctor's office, it gives you time to think and sketch! :)

Alrighty, here's the patterns I promised ... I know the "Pun'kin Patch" quilt is a bit too late for Halloweenie, but I think it'd work for decoratin' for Thanksgiving. I really meant to get it posted here in time to stitch up for Halloweenie, but as I said up there, it's just been too durn hectic 'round here. I even had to cancel the class I was goin' to teach here in PCB ... hubby was havin' what we call a "bad leg week" and I couldn't leave him alone. :(

Anyway, here's the patterns ... if'n you have the time and inclination, give me a holler and let me know what ya'll think (good or bad). And I am back - and unless hubby decides to dive off a boat onto a steel clad deck, I'm here to stay. :)

Pomegranates applique diagram
Pomegranates applique pattern

Pun'kin Patch Quilt

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :)


Fer48 said...

Woohoo, welcome back! I've been wondering if all has been well, I haven't seen much of you on the APQ site either. You poor thing! I know how you feel though, my hubby managed to break his collar bone coming off his mountain bike back in August, at least he still managed to be able to drive. Take care, Fer (aka Lonnie Girl)

Anonymous said...

I see this is a very old post, but I LOVE your pomegranate diagram. I'm planning a pomegranate applique quilt, looking for pomegranate patterns, and your's is the loveliest I have seen.

I live up the road from you in Pensacola :-)