Nothin' new today ... just wanted to check in with ya'll so you know I've not disappeared again! I've been workin' on the Quiltin' Tote pattern - I'm really hopin' that ya'll will like it and find it useful (and fun to make!). It's Fat Eighth friendly, too ... but Fat Quarters are invited, too. It has (sew far) two sizes - so if you'd like it roomy enough to tote your quiltin' supplies to your next class, make the big'un. If you'd rather use it as a cute li'l purse (okay, not THAT li'l), then make the "li'l sister!"

The big'un measures 15 inches wide at the top, 13 inches wide at the bottom and is 15 inches deep. The lil'un is 12 inches wide at top, 10 inches wide at the bottom and is 12 inches deep. I'm thinkin' you'd be able to put at least a small cutting mat and ruler in the big'un (with handy pockets for your rotary cutter and such). With the lil'un, it's not so big that your checkbook (you have to have it handy for your trips to the fabric store, right?) gets lost - but big enough to hold whatever hubby asks you to carry for him. :)

It's pieced (but you can always applique on it, of course!) - a variation of the "Turning Twenty" block (that is sew popular here lately), but you can use your favorite block. There's no "pattern" to it to print - you'll just find the center of the block and measure for your cuts (I'll show you how with illustrations - that's what I have left to finish). And for the first time (blush) I'll have a finished product to share (charged up my camera's batteries and have a new digital card in her!).

And again, subscribers will get it first ... "membership's" got to have some perks, I figure. I've also got the next block for the Folk Art Flavored Series Quilt comin' up, too! This time, it'll have the appliquein' instructions to boot! I'm hopin' to have it all ready by Monday ... tomorrow hubby and I are goin' to go meet some good ol' friends up in Destin (down the road a piece). So Sunday, other than goin' to church, is reserved for sewin' and quilt designin'!!

I really hope that ya'll are as excited as I am 'bout this! I'm really lookin' forward to sharin' more with ya'll!! And keep an eye out for a few simple (but elegant and fun) sewin' projects perfect for gift-givin'!! :)

Until next time (soon!!) ...

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :)

PS - I'm still catchin' up on my e-mails - so if you've not gotten the last newsletter/update yet - or an e-mail confirmin' your subscription, keep an eye out! It'll be in your mailbox 'afore the weekend's over!!