Finally!! I've got the new FAFSQ patterns printed to PDF!! They'll be up here soon ... I'm sendin' the links to the PDFs to those of ya'll who've signed up for my newsletter/eZine first (since ya'll have been so loyal and patient!) and I'll post them here in a couple of days.

And I really owe ya'll an apology ... I honestly thought that hubby was mended up enough that I could devote my time back here again and that things would be back to normal ... but "normal" seems to still be a bit in the future. But don't get me wrong ... I see every day that the Good Lord gives me with my family and friends as a Blessin'. So I hope ya'll don't take what I've said as complainin'!! :)

I've got a few other things to say, but I'll put'em up as separate posts - that way, if'n you're not interested in the topic, you don't have to read it! :)

Until then,
Quilty hugs!!
Connie :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful quilt pattern. Do you have a picture of your quilt?