PDF patterns for the next three FAFSQ blocks!

Well, Christmas is just a pleasant memory now ... though we still have all the decorations up (we'll keep the decorations up until February - in honor of my father-in-law and his birthday, a wonderful man, who passed away last year). Talk about hectic! We had my mother-in-law (divorced from my FIL for 'bout 30 years) over for Christmas Eve and Day ... and to say that was on the hectic and stressful side would be an understatement! To say that I'm less than what she had hoped for her only son would be like sayin' quilters love fabric! :)

But anywho, I've finally got the mess cleaned up and I'm back. The day after Christmas, we had over 8 FULL bags of trash!! Our garbageman earns his pay and then some! And I really doubt that our annual "Christmas tip" made up for it one iota!

One source of trash is the newest addition to our household: the cutest li'l guinea pig you ever did see! My sweet li'l boy, Luke (10 years old - and feelin' it!), has been pesterin' us for a pet for the past two years. O'course, takin' care of a pet isn't an easy task ... and this Christmas, he told us that he finally felt "mature" enough to take care of another li'l life. So, Santa brought the cage and we supplied the piggie. You never saw the trash this cutie makes (the piggie, not my son - though he does run a close second)! Bedding, food, poop ... you name it! I really didn't think that such a small critter could poop so much! I guess that's why the Good Lord made'em so cute - if they weren't so adorable, we'd eat'em and not keep'em as pets!! And for a li'l "poop machine" he's a cutie and a half!! As soon as I can catch the li'l stinker I'll take some pictures. That li'l critter moves FAST and doesn't seem to be too comfy in front of a camera!

Alrighty, all jabberin' aside, just take a quick look to the left and you'll see the new patterns in PDF form. I'm tryin' a different method of "printin' them to PDF" so if ya'll have ANY issues with the patterns, please let me know!! If the letters or numbers are too small when you print'em, if the numbering is confusin' ... whatever might not be what it could ... I want to know about it!!

I also want to give a quick "thank you" to all the wonderful quilty friends who wrote me after my latest "newsletter" thankin' me for the patterns and givin' me encouragement! I swear, I may just kidnap ya'll and make you live with me! I don't get THAT much support and encouragement from my family and friends!! Ya'll are truly special ... and truly a Blessin'!! Ya'll are the ones that make the work worthwhile ... the creative juices flow!! So .... thank YOU!!! :)

Well, updatin' my site and blog is goin' to have to wait a spell ... we've got a few electrical issues that have to be fixed before I can go into my studio (where I have my main computer and the software I need to use). For the next few days I'm without power in there. We're hopin' to be able to use extension cords to hook up to the upstairs (my studio is in a converted garage) ... but if that doesn't pan out, the "premiere" dates for my blog and site may have to be postponed a bit. For those of you that are interested, I'll keep ya'll updated. :)

One good thing ... I've got two new pin cushion patterns ALMOST done. I'd like to use pictures/photos for the directions instead of illustrations - mainly because I think it'd be easier to understand than simple illustrations. One of them is a bit on the tricky side and the photos will be a big help. My dear, sweet, quiltin', daughter will be helpin' me with this! Yay!! She's out of school until the 7th of January, so we'll be puttin' in a LOT of sewin' time!!

Anywho ... please feel free to give me a holler - whether it's a cause ya'll need help with, a pattern you'd like to see, or to complain or compliment - I'd LOVE to hear from ya'll!! Meanwhile, I'll be designin' more quilts and blocks!! And tryin' to catch a picture of that cute li'l piggie! :)

Until next time ...

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :)