A New Year and ...

A New Look!!
Well, this is where you get to decide if I wasted my time over the holidays! I came up with a new header, new color scheme, and new look for my blog ... and I spent ALL day tweakin' this and that! It's not quite what I'm envisionin' but it's closer. And as I find the time, I'll keep tweakin' the elements 'n' settin's to get it j-u-u-u-u-s-t right! If'n ya'll have any suggestions, ideas, criticisms or compliments, I sure would LOVE to hear'em!

A New Update on the eZine!!
I've also made a lot of progress on the eZine over the holidays ... I've got four new patterns/projects designed, two more mouth-waterin' recipes, three more tips 'n' tidbits, and two more articles! Yippee!!! Yay!!! I'll be finishin' up takin' the pictures for the spreads this week ... and I have a projected date for sendin' out by the end of the month at the latest. Yay!!!! :)

In the next few days, I'll be puttin' up a poll, askin' ya'll what's the biggest PDF file size ya'll want to fool with. That will decide whether or not I split the patterns and eZine into two parts ... the eZine in one file and the patterns themselves in another (sort of like how magazines have the "pull-out" pattern section). Remember, ya'll will get a link in your e-mail box and once you click the link, the file(s) will automatically download to your computer desktop.

And remember, those of ya'll who're usin' EQ6: each issue will have links to downloadable EQ6 project files!! :)

(NOTE: Please make sure that you provide a working e-mail addy when you sign up for the eZine & mailing list!! Last two times I sent out the newsletter, I had three of ya'll's e-mails bounce my newsletter back!!)

Well, that's about it for now!! I'm hopin' to be back tomorrow afternoon at the latest (after I finish a few illustrations for clients!) ... and I really hope to hear from ya'll SOON!! :)

Quilty hugs!!!
Connie :)