PLEASE vote!

Hey ya'll ... here I am again, beggin' you to vote about the file size issue ... I really would LOVE to know how big is too big when it comes to ya'll downloadin' files! The last thing I want to do is give ya'll an eZine that's just too big or slow to download - last thing I want to do is waste ya'll's time!!

So, please, please, take a quick sec and vote!

Alrighty ... back to my studio to get some more work done!! :)

As always, big ol' quilty hugs to you all!!
Connie :)


Anonymous said...

Still cannot download your retro patches. I do not have EQ. Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Well not sure I think it all depends on the "puter" your using, I can usually load about anything, but then I have a large capacity on mine.
but on another subject I have a swap called "Buttons, Buttons, Who's got the Buttons?" that I think you would enjoy. Come on over and see...