Our Thoughts & Prayers ...

I've always said that quilters have the biggest hearts and have the kindest souls. So, I'm sending out a plea to all you quilters out there to send good thoughts and prayers to those who've been affected by the tragedy in Minneapolis.

Even those that didn't lose a loved one have been affected by this terrible tragedy. If you have a friend that was in the area, or lived nearby, or even used to travel that bridge - please consider giving them a "Hug Quilt." Sometimes, something as "small" as a hug quilt can uplift the spirits of someone who's undergone severe stress. Knowing that someone cares can make a HUGE difference!!

Now, for those of you who think "Well, by the time I finish it, they won't be so upset anymore" - a hug quilt is a small quilt (24 x 36 is fine - it just needs to be big enough to "hug") and usually consists of "easy-to-piece" blocks. Believe me, I've made more than a few in my lifetime (most of them when I was just starting out in quilting), and they go QUICK! It's just a matter of finding an easy block that you like.

Consider an "Autograph" block - there's several patterns for them out there. And there's got to be one that you like (and for the beginners out there, one you can do quickly and easily, no matter how many quilts you've made - or even if it's your first one!). To make it easier, I'm going to go through all my pieced patterns and upload a few paper-piecing patterns for some EASY and QUICK patterns. Please consider using one or more for a hug quilt for someone you know who's been affected.

Again, my love, prayers and thoughts go out to all of those who've been affected by this horrible tragedy ... I know I've used that same word - "tragedy" - several times, but no other word seems to fit. :(

Quilty hugs to you all & God Bless!!