YIPPEE! I'm back & with a NEW pattern!!

Whew! As I was GOING to mention this morning, I was out for the last two days because of a vicious migraine (had them since I was 7 - and usually no big deal - but this time I had the unholy triad of side effects - nausea, vomiting, and loss of vision in one eye). But what do I come back to? A whole BUNCH of e-mails from ya'll letting me know my blog was down, wondering what happened, and if I was alright! THANK you so MUCH for your concern!! :)

What happened, best as I can tell, is that somehow, my blog got high enough rankings that it looked suspicious - that I was somehow manipulating the stats through some sort of robot or whatchumacallit. So they temporarily blocked my blog from being published. Stinky, huh? :(

So I spent ALL day moving my blog to WordPress - an account "attached" to my web site - but as it turns out, WordPress is REALLY hard to use - 'specially for me! "Sides, I'd rather design patterns than futz around wading through miles and miles of code. :)

So, here I am back again - Blogger wrote me a nice note of apology and all seems to be well, here. And I'd rather be HERE, truth be told. For one, the template's much prettier! :)

So, I went ahead and designed another quilt - this one isn't a series, per se - but you'll have to sign up for the rest of it via the eZine, now properly named "And Sew On ...." In the upcoming issue, you'll receive instructions on creating the rooster AND the "Grandmother's Fan" variation (though I'm sure some of you have a better name for it).

(For the "GF" variation, a VERY talented fellow in the rec.crafts.textiles.quilting Newsgroup I haunt, created a beautiful Amish style radiating sun like the one behind the rooster - and my first thought was "That would be PERFECT for the background of a rooster applique!")

In any case, the center "medallion" is 18.5 x 18.5 finished - so if you print out the image here on my blog, you'll need to blow it up 200%. Or you can sign up for the eZine and get the pattern pieces separated. But there IS more to that pattern - if you want to see it (much less get the separated pattern pieces AND the instructions) you'll have to subscribe. :)

I have more cookin' - and you'll get a peek SOON! :)

Until then ...

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!!
Connie :)