Strippy Log Cabin

Here's another easy paper-piecing pattern. This is a paper-pieced variation of a paper-pieced "Log cabin" - I'm calling it "strippy" because to me, it looks like what you'd find in a string quilt! :)

This pattern is 10 inches square - when you print out this pattern, make to sure to leave AT LEAST a 1/4 inch seam allowance beyond the actual pattern. Paper-piecing makes the pattern "shrink," you know! :)

You could also use this as a "crazy quilt" pattern of sorts - using the strips to showcase your gorgeous hand-embroidery! And remember to think about including a small embroidered spider in your crazy quilts - it's a symbol of GOOD LUCK! If you don't know how to embroider a spider, watch out for directions for hand embroidery in the September issue of the eZine! :)

Okee-dokee ... I'll have more up SOON! Please consider using one (or more) of these patterns to make a Hug Quilt for someone you love! :)

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!
Connie :)


Neva said...

You write very well.