Update on hubby ...

I talked to our ortho specialist and described hubby's symptoms and it SEEMS like a complete ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear and from the symptoms I described (lack of stability, unable to put ANY weight on it, mainly) it sounds as though my dear, sweet husband will more than likely require surgery to fix it. :(

So, please, to those who're listening out there, please send a few good thoughts his way. He's a wonderful man (far, far better than I deserve) and will most likely never recover completely from this. As it is, not even considering the excruciating pain he's going through NOW, he's got to be on a plane ALONE for over 10 hours with 3 layovers in 3 different cities. He's a bit on the "stiff upper lip" side - when it comes to himself, not others - and will more than likely try to muddle his way through the airports rather than ask for help. :(

So, I'm begging you, dear friends, please send some kind thoughts his way - and if anyone would be so kind as to pray for him, well, that would be wonderful.

Thank you SEW very, very, much!!

Happy quilting & big ol' quilty hugs!!