Whoops! I forgot!!

I meant to post the results of the votes for fave pattern types - I'm removing the poll from the page (since the votin's over anyway) and replacing it with links I think you'll find useful, helpful and just plain interesting! :) I hope you'll give'em a look-see! :)

The results are:
Traditional applique patterns: 13 votes
Fusible applique: 21 votes
ANY applique: 22 votes
Patchwork & piecing: 42 votes

Now, I figure ya'll already figured out why I asked ya'll that - I want to make sure to give ya'll the kinds of patterns you want! And it looks like I need to get a few more piecing patterns up here! :) So, I will! Sew, keep an eye out, ya'll!! :)

Until then ... big ol' quilty hugs!!!
Connie :)