Another update ...

NEW web site!
I uploaded a "place-holder" page for our new web site! Even though I still have a lot of work to do (and I mean A LOT!!!), it was really exciting to at least accomplish that much! Whew!

It's my first stab at web site design in quite a while ... please drop me a line and let me know what you think! :)

NEW e-mails!
If you haven't noticed, I've got the "official" e-mail addies up and running. It'll make it sew much easier to keep e-mails organized (though you really don't want to look at my e-mail app right now! It's a l-o-o-o-n-g list of e-mails!) and hopefully, help me to reply quicker! :)

Now ... for fun stuff!
I went to my first guild meeting in about 5 years tonight! Of course, my dear girly-girl, Mara (who'll be 13 in September) went with me! And after only 10 minutes we both decided that we HAD to be members (We were so lucky that our new "home" accepts members under 18 ... not all guilds do, of course)! So we are now proud members of the St. Andrew's Bay Quilters Guild of Panama City, Florida! Yippee! :)

I really have to give a "shout out" to my hubby. Taking my girly with me (which, quite possibly meant more to me than her!) meant needing hubby to watch our son. And of course, tonight was the night his work was having serious computer problems (read: he had to work late). But did hubby blow us off? Nope. We made a mad dash to meet up and he entertained our 9 year old while dealing with tech support for several hours!! Is that a supportive hubby or what?! :)

Another call ...
I'll end this post with another plea for submissions and nominations! Please take a moment and think about a quilter who really influenced you - maybe she's opened her stash to you. Maybe she's always given you support on difficult projects. Or maybe she's been there to help you celebrate a finished quilt. Send her name to us and let's get her the recognition and the "Atta Girl" that she deserves!

And how about that quilt shop owner who tirelessly helps you pick out fabrics? Or makes sure that there's always one extra spot in a class? Or makes a point to ask you about your latest project? Doesn't her efforts to go "above and beyond" deserve recognition?

Okee-dokee ... I'm done nagging for now. I really hope to hear from ya'll soon! :)

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!!
Connie :)