"Espresso Placemat" pattern

As promised, another applique pattern. This fusible applique (or traditional method) pattern would be perfect for a 20x12 placemat - stitch up 4 for your breakfast nook - or as cute gifts for a housewarming - or Christmas - which is just around the corner (Ugh! haven't even begun thinking about Christmas, yet! LOL). Of course, you don't HAVE to use the pattern for placemats - you could always frame it and use it as kitchen or dining room decor!

As always, the dashed lines indicate chain stitch embroidery stitches. :)

If you're interested in the separated pattern pieces for this pattern, sign up for my eZine! In this issue, you'll get this pattern, the other two patterns' separated pieces, PLUS three NEW applique patterns!

For those who'd rather use it as part of a traditional quilt, I'll be uploading a coordinating label shortly. :)

Until then ...

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!
Connie :)