Redwork Series Quilt & more

Alrighty, I've gotten a dozen of requests for redwork quilts/blocks. I really didn't know that so many people loved them as much as I do! So, in the upcoming issue of the eZine, I'm going to try to pop in a Redwork Series quilt (wow! the eZine just keeps getting bigger and bigger! LOL). I'll post the first block here as a "sneak preview" - just as I did with the Folk Art Flavored Series Quilt ... so please look for that in the next couple of days. And what would a quilt be without a label? In this case, a redworked label! :) That, too, will be published in the eZine.

If anyone has suggestions for redwork patterns (or any other kind of patterns, of course) please send'em on! I'd love to hear them! :) And if you're open to it, the credit for the idea will go to you! :)

Please don't hesitate to share this with your quiltin' friends ... the more the merrier, I always say! And let them know that I'm still taking subscribers (have over 100 so far! Yippee!!) ... and of course, the eZine is free! :)

For those who are still waiting to hear back from me ... as I've said, the response I've gotten is absolutely overwhelming! So if you've not yet gotten a reply, don't give up on me! In addition to the e-mails, I've been putting together some new patterns, planning 2-3 series quilts, trying to get the site itself designed and coded (that's where the eZine archives will be - you'll get a link to that page in the eZine), and get e-mail addies set up so I can be organized! AND trying to keep everyone updated via the blog. :)

Anyway, just wanted to keep ya'll in the loop! Hope to hear from you all soon! Until then ...

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!
Connie :)