My apologies!

I'm really sorry, everyone ... I've been so focused on getting the eZine done that I've not yet had time to upload any more patterns! And I've been absolutely SWAMPED with wonderful e-mails - everyone's been so supportive and encouraging, I'm just ... well, overwhelmed! :)

I'm almost done with the eZine! Yippee! I'm waiting only for a few product companies to send me their images (for the new products spread) and to take pics at our featured quilt shop. I've got a few more articles to format (okay ... and finish writing! LOL) and then, the debut issue should be sent off to everyone's e-mailboxes! Did I already shout "Yippee?!" :)

For those (and there have been a LOT) who've asked for the hummingbird and egret pattern pieces, rest assured, they will be in the newsletter. As it is right now, I have 3 crazy quilt paper-piecing patterns, two applique patterns, AND the egret & hummingbird patterns (all separated & full-size) in this issue.

Also included is plans for a BOM quilt ... 12 blocks (so, I'm committed to 12 issues, LOL!). So start choosing your fave fabrics NOW while you can! :)

But what I had intended to be a "quickie" newsletter (3-4 pages) has quickly evolved to approximately 24 pages (and counting). Due, mainly, to the overwhelming response I've gotten from ya'll! And nope, that's not a complaint! :)

But what I still DESPERATELY need are questions for "Ask Miz Sew-and-Sew" - please, please, if there's anyone out there with a question or a comment - or even a pattern request, please holler! I need to get this page filled!!

Also, if anyone has any info on their guild or local quilt shows, please share! Your guild deserves to be spotlighted! If I had the proverbial nickel every time that I heard someone say that they wanted to join a guild, but didn't know where to start ... Listing YOUR guild would not only help to encourage the next generation of quilters, but create opportunities to make new friends! And give others a wonderful creative outlet!

I'll admit, I have illusions of grandeur when it comes to this eZine ... I want it to be much like a favorite quilty friend - or an awesome guild meeting. Something you can turn to for ideas, inspiration, comraderie, tips on making your life easier, and just FUN! And call me an optimist, but I think that, considering how amazing the quilting community is (and those who inhabit it) we can do this together!

And lastly, I want to thank EVERYONE who sent me e-mails with well-wishes for my family. Having a rotavirus isn't fun by any means, but your kind e-mails and lovely wishes made it so much more tolerable! Ya'll's e-mails were Gatorade for the soul! :)

Please keep coming back ... I WILL have more patterns uploaded once I finish all I can with the eZine. By this weekend, it should be a "waiting game" for pics only and I can get some more patterns up (though, separated pattern pieces will only be available via the eZine).

Until then ...

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!!
Connie :)

PS - For those of you who've e-mailed me and not yet received an answer - I'm VERY sorry. I haven't forgotten you and I'm not ignoring you. You'll be getting a reply SOON! :)
As I mentioned above, I am literally SWAMPED with such GREAT e-mails that I'm having a hard time keeping up! :)