Back to quilting!

It's been about 3 years since I last picked up thread and needle (other than the occasional dress for my dear daughter) to quilt. I converted my sewing room into a home office for my graphic design company but it wasn't as satisfying an experience as creating a piece of history! Sooo ...

It's back to quilting! Or at least, it's back to quilting as my selfish, personal, fulfilling, journey to creativity (after all, if quilting was a destination, we'd never do another one, right? Then how could we possibly end up as the one with the most fabric?)! And I haven't been this excited since ... well, my first trip to the local fabric store!

I'm going to my first quilt guild meeting next month for the first time in 5 years! I feel like a 5 year old getting ready for their first day at school! I bought a new rolling sewing machine suitcase (for that "sew-in" or "retreat" that I'll be jumping on) and have already ordered some lovely FQ bundles from Connecting Threads (delivery in 5 days and counting!). I have at least 6 quilts planned out ...

I'd really like to find a way to post some applique patterns ... my primary talent in graphics was as an illustrator and it'd please me to no end to help others in any way that I can ... it would be a wonderful way to join my two loves - graphics and quilting! :)

So if you've gotten this far in my blog (and aren't snoring yet), please come back - if I can't post them here, I'll post them on my web site! :)

Happy Quilting!!