A few more details ...

Thank you to all of you who've signed up for my eZine, submitted content, offered help and just written with words of encouragement (I'm STILL replying to e-mails - so if you haven't gotten a holler back from me, I'm still writing back!). I never, in my wildest dreams, expected such a response!

I just wanted to take a minute and give a few more details about how I've got this figured out (so far):

1. You'll receive an e-mail from me with a link to a PDF file. I will NOT be publishing this directly on a web site. Meaning, no one will be able to (at least with the first issue) just "happen" across the eZine.

I'm doing it this way not to exclude those who didn't sign up, but to keep YOUR information (submissions, nominations, etc) private. That being said, I will not be using last names or locations for such items as "Ask Miz" or any "Letters to the Editor" ... so if there's any of you who haven't submitted an idea, letter, or question based on that concern, it's not an issue. :)

2. Even though I will not be publishing this directly on the web (at least, not at this point), you are encouraged to share the link with friends, relatives, etc! We quilters tend to be a giving sort and sharing comes naturally. :)

3. If you don't catch an issue, on the same page you download one issue, you'll be given options to download past issues (did that make sense??). Meaning, if you've downloaded one issue, you can download them all whenever you like. :) They'll be archived, of course.

That's what I've figured out so far. If anyone has any concerns, or questions - about privacy, accessibility, etc, please drop me a line!

Now, a new pattern ... I've been working on another one ... I've got 3 so far for the eZine (which is why I've been so neglectful on the ones I post here). And I think I'm about ready to get another up here. :) Though bear in mind what you're NOT getting here, you'll be getting in the 'Zine.

So if you haven't signed up yet, and you like the ones I HAVE posted here, you'll get even MORE through the 'Zine! :) Complete with directions, fabric requirements, sizing options - and I'm hoping, fabric swatches!

I'm buying Electric Quilt 6 so I'll be able to have a "preview" of the applique pattern in the 'Zine. I've been meaning to buy the program, but I'm Mac, not PC, so I'll have to run Virtual PC to use it (or drag out my PC from under my desk and use that - it's been about 4 years since I've plugged it in!). But you guys are definitely worth futzing around with Virtual PC - even worth using my old PC! :)

Okay, that's it for now ... I'm going to go finish the latest "blog post pattern" and label ... until then ...

Happy quilting & quilty hugs!
Connie :)