Rough Weekend!!

Wow! Whatta weekend ... I had planned to have some patterns (paper-piecing and applique - maybe a couple of printable labels) up here, but three quarters of the family (myself included) has a bad rotavirus. This bug is supposed to only hang around 3-9 days, but so far, it's day 13 and counting. So needless to say, I've spent little, if any, time at the keyboard this weekend. Dragging my exhausted keister into the office to check e-mail was tiring enough!

If anyone out there has the bug, too (which, in my area is running rampant like a quilter with a purse full of cash in Paducah) and Gatorade doesn't seem to be working to rehydrate you (or a loved one) try this (it comes directly from the CDC web site - NAYY, of course):

Homemade ORT (Oral Rehydration Therapy)
1 liter water (I'd go bottled water if you can)
8 level tsps sugar
1 level tsp salt

Mix together in a jug and chill. Then drink.

This will actually work better for you than Gatorade - which doesn't supply all of the necessary electrolytes you need after a nasty case of Rotavirus B. If you have a Rotavirus, then you know the symptoms (or as we're calling them: plagues): vicious fever, malaise/lethargy, headache, vomiting, and some of the worst diarrhea known to man!

Also, eat planty of bananas - they provide Potassium - which helps to regulate the level of hydration in your body. But don't be quick to grab Potassium supplements off the shelf in your grocery store if you have ANY heart ailments or issues. Eating a 'naner and getting a spark of Potassium is quite different than chugging down 100-200mgs of Potassium.

Anyway, hubby, who's been off work due to the bug, for 2 weeks now, will be going back to work tomorrow. So more than likely with one less person to take care of. I'll be back to making some patterns and labels to share. :) So come on back now, you hear? :)

Quilty hugs!
Connie :)