A quick plug ...

I just opened my own "CafePress" shop featuring t-shirts, clocks, prints, etc. All (except for a very few) sewing or quilting themed! And I'll be adding more over the next few days! I'm not so happy with the appearance of the storefront, so hopefully, this is where my basic HTML & web design skills will come in handy. I'm picturing a retro feel - a harkening back to the friendly (NON-Homeland Security) days ... back when gas was about $.30 a gallon and every time you bought a bit of chicken feed, you got fabric for a new quilt! I'm thinking 50s or 60s ...

Hopefully, this will be a good fit for me ... I'm an illustrator and graphic designer (been one for the last 16+ years). And I've done many T-shirts & home dec designs/illustrations in the past. If anyone has any suggestions on what they'd like to see (after all, quilters and sewers are some of the most CREATIVE people!), I'd LOVE to hear them! :)

Give me a holler at my e-mail ... even if it's just to say "Hi!" :)

Quilty hugs!
Connie :)