Alrighty ... as I said before, ya'll have been so patient, supportive and well ... just wonderful people! I'd like to thank you in a VERY small way ... at least, teeny tiny in comparison to how awesome ya'll have been! Many of you have offered kind prayers, thoughts, and vibes during this difficult time for my family ... and even more of you have remained loyal and visited my blog every day!

Sew ... I'm uploading the August BOM for the Folk Art Flavored Series Quilt. Remember, this block, as I designed it, is a finished 9 x 13 inch size. But, as always, you can resize as ya'll like. If'n you want it bigger or smaller, it's your decision! It's your quilt! Sew let your creativity and ingenuity shine through! :-)

I'm still ironing out the sizing issues with the pattern pieces (the imagers I upload here aren't the same size they are when I save them - go figure!). But in the meantime, I'm uploading the pattern pieces for the Coneflowers block (right now) and the Sunflowers block (tomorrow). I just didn't think it was cricket to make ya'll wait until the eZine comes out ... hopefully, ya'll won't argue! :-)

If you see any problems with the patterns, or just have somethin' to say 'bout'em, give me a holler! I always want to hear from ya'll!! :-)

Until tomorrow (this li'l bee is TIRED!) ... big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)