Quiltin' for desperate critters in need!

I've been jawin' on about charitable causes and whatnot all mornin' so why should this post be any different? :-)

I'm goin' to talk about "Critter Comforts" right now ... it's a wonderful organization run by Jill, an amazin' woman - she takes fabric that ya'll donate and uses it to create beautiful, cuddly quilts for critters in need!

Sew far, she's made (with a li'l help o'course) over 500, yep, I said FIVE HUNDRED critter quilts!! Each one of those quilts goes to an animal in desperate need of knowin' that they have two-legged friends that give a woof. Or a meow.

Now, are these critters pampered pooches? Finicky felines? Nope, these are abandoned critters ... four-legged friends needin' a home of their own. Some of them might be puppies that the owner just decided they didn't want. Some of them might kitties that were just abandoned on the side of the road, left to fend for themselves. All of these sweet animals have two things in common: a desperate need for a home, and Jill.

But Jill can't do it alone ... she needs YOUR help! She'll take that help in the form of fabric (practically any kind'll do), thread, batts, and Hobbes Batting UPC codes (those li'l proofs of purchase on the batts you buy that you weren't goin' to do anything with anyway) ... just anything that you think might help her keep these poor critters comfy. I don't know 'bout you ... but I'd prefer a cuddly quilt to a cold, cage floor any day o' the week. And with your help, Jill can provide just that - comfort to an animal who needs it.

So, please, please, ya'll ... give Jill a holler and ask her what you can do for her wonderful, selfless, cause. If you don't, who will?

Before you make your decision, go on over to her web site and see the sweet li'l face of some of the animals that she's helped so far - and some precious critters that need a good home. Believe me, my dear quilty friends, once you see those sweet faces, you'll be mailin' fabric and such to her the next day! If not sooner!

To make the deal a bit sweeter in ya'lls favor ... if'n you donate something to Jill, I'll send ya'll a packet of patterns (exclusive! - they won't be posted anywhere else!) of animal-themed patterns. Dogs, cats, birds, cows ... and more! All yours if'n you just take the time to send Jill a much needed squishy! If'n you like my patterns NOW, I can assure you that I'll be takin' extra time and care to make sure that these patterns are WONDERFUL!! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)