I don't know if ya'll know this, but Google's set me up so's I can see how many of ya'll are visitin' me a day (over 500 hits a DAY! Wow!!). I just also found out that I can see where ya'll live ... not your actual address, o'course, just the city ya'll hang your hat in. And guess what! I'm gettin' a lot of people from my own little town (well, not so little, thanks to the condo developers and Mtv) of Panama City Beach! :-)

So, now I'm dyin' to know who in PCB is visitin' me (50 unique visitors from PCB and PC!!)! 'Specially 'cause I might know you ... I don't s'pose any of you neighbors'll come forward and let me know we're just a hop, skip and a jump away from each other, would ya'll? I'm picturin' a few minutes of gabbin' at the next St. Andrews Quilter's Guild meetin' ... mayhap gettin' together for a bee? Or how's 'bout lunch over at Hook's? Or J. Michaels? I'll even settle for a quickie lunch at Sonic's! :-)

I'm hopin' some of you will holler at me and let me know who you are!! I'm so excited and so ... curious!! I feel almost like I'm on a scavenger hunt - but for future quilty friends!! Yippee!! Now this is a wonderful way to start the day!! Imagine! Next person I chat up at the grocery store could be a subscriber or visitor!! Wow! That just really boggles my mind! Sort of like meeting someone in your thirties in a new town thousands of miles from where you grew up and finding out that you were in school together, but always had different classes! Yay!!! :-)

Alrighty, I just had to get all giggly over that ... it just tickled me to no end!! :-)

Back to the patterns!! :-)

Until next time (later on today, I'm sure - hubby told me I was in a gabby mood this mornin'!!) ...

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)


Regina said...

Hi Connie!

Your blog posts always make me smile.

I read your posts from Racine, WI. I am not located near you but I thought you might like to know who in Racine was taking a peek :)

sew{very}creative said...

Hi Regina!! :-)

Why, thank you SEW much!! If'n I'm good for somethin' 'round our house, it's usually comic relief! Just ask the hubby! ;-)

It's nice to meet you!! And it's nice to have a name to go with a city!! I've always wanted to visit Wisconsin, but haven't gotten that far west yet ... hopefully, one day, I will!

If'n you ever find yourself Florida way, you'll have to stop by and we can go crazy quiltin'! And yes, there will be chocolate! ;-)

And thank you muchly for hollerin' at me! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)