A Quilt's Revenge

Alrighty, I thought some of you might get a teeny giggle out of this (and some of ya'll will feel sorry for Buddy the Wonderdog). Whatever your reaction, I just HAD to share this!

I've given away most of my quilts - I've only kept a few that either have special memories (like the one that I gave my Gramma before she passed away and that she left me) or are utility quilts.

One such utility quilt is a blue & white Irish chain that I made when Buddy was just a pup ('bout 5 years ago). Every day that I hand-quilted it, he'd lay on the end that wasn't in the hoop ... and did I already mention that he was teething at the time? So every once in a while, I'd have to make him stop chewing my quilt! I swear, that quilt had just as much doggie slobber on it as quilting stitches by the time I was done!

That is the quilt that we all huddle under while watching scary movies, cuddle under when hubby has the AC set at 60 degrees (brrrr!!), and just nap under when it's rainy. It's used every day in one way or t'other. So, with it bein' old and bein' used all the time, it's got it's share of "toe-catchers." And I've just been too lazy to mend the holes and ripped binding spots. It's on my "do it one o'these days" list ...

Well, yesterday, that quilt got it's revenge. Buddy, my poor sweet, dog decided to use it to sleep on (not encouraged, but I usually turn a blind eye - he's family and it's a "family quilt"). Well, someone drove by the house in one of those loud trucks and he, as he usually does, shot up to go see who was makin' such a racket in HIS territory. Usually he goes, barks a little, and comes back to his "spot" all comforted in the knowledge that he showed that truck "what fer."

Not this time. This time, his toenail on his left paw got caught in one of the "toe-catchers!" That poor goober just cried and cried - totally forgetting about that rotten ol' truck. That mean ol' quilt just held his toenail fast - not lettin' go for all it was worth. I couldn't calm him down enough to get his toenail out and finally, he bucked the "right way" and it let go. But not before it pulled the toenail partially out! So we've got an appointment to see the vet tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Buddy's giving that quilt a wide berth.

I can almost hear that quilt laughing.

By the by, Buddy's fine. He's not even limping. But he IS avoiding my quilt like the plague. :-)