Update on the hubby (the saga continues)

Well, as most of you know, hubby went into surgery Tuesday for his poor ol' knee (and I know most of ya'll know this seein' as how I came back to a humongous pile o' e-mails wishin' him well! Thank you!!!!). Surgery went better'n could be expected ... they ended up doin' him orthoscopically (they didn't think they could before for some reason unbeknownst to me) and he was out of the OR in two hours, groggy, giggly (now, can you imagine an ex-military officer, yea 'bout 300 pounds, over 6 feet, bein' giggly? Don't worry, I couldn't have either!), and more affectionate than I've EVER seen that man - includin' on our weddin' night! Believe me, if'n I could have, I'd have snuck some of that anesthesia out in my purse!! If'n my hubby's behavior is any indicator, "anesthesia goggles" beat "beer goggles" any day o' the week! :-)

After many (and I'm bein' kind, here) silly jokes, and an hour later, we got that poor man stuffed in the back of the Jeep and we headed home. Now, why it didn't dawn on us a'fore the surgery, I don't know, but we realized that our livin' area is UPSTAIRS. So, o'course, we call on our best friends (two strappin' men in their own right) to help poor hubby up the stairs. Lordy, if'n it wasn't like watchin' some sort of "Xtreme"sportin' event! Three men, huffin', puffin' and tryin' to reassure each other that THEY had the hardest part and were doin' the most work (men sure can be silly, can't they?)! T'was a sight to behold! And hopefully, ya'll are still rememberin' how giddy and silly hubby was! Well, let me tell you ... he was hoppin' on his good foot up the stairs and boy if he didn't look like the Easter Bunny bein' chased by some mother hens!

But it wasn't all fun n' games ... the pain medications had a'hold of him ... he was not only still under the anesthesia (which I already said was the "good stuff"), but also had one o'them "pain busters" - a li'l bulb type thingie on a catheter that pumps pain killers directly into his knee. The pain killers were SO good that he didn't feel even an ounce o'pain. Most of ya'll'd say that's a good thing - and it would've been for most. But not my hubby. I think I've already mentioned that he's a bit on the stubborn side (he makes most teenagers - whom we all know can be a bit on the mulish side - look like the most biddable critters on earth!) and o'course, he assumed that he could do durn nigh anything. So he got up several times (ten times wouldn't be much of an overstatement, I assure ya'll) and ended up poppin' a few stitches! We called his doctor who pretty much said that as long as the bleedin' stopped, we were okay until Friday (his follow-up to get the bandages removed). Still, he was feelin' no pain.

Well, as all good things must, the pain buster thingie soon ran out of pain-bustin' and Lordy, was it bad when it did. So things have been a bit on the rough side o'the street - hubby's been agonizin' somethin' fierce. And as all of us get when we're in loads o' pain, he's been a bit on the cranky side. But he's been takin' the pain in more stride than I know I would - Lordy, if I wouldn't be bitin' the heads off invisible folk if I were in as much pain as he is. The poor man can't even get himself up to use the potty ... just the movement needed to get up is too much for'im. But he's still bein' a soldier 'bout it. :-(

So if'n ya'll don't mind ... I'd surely appreciate a few prayers, well-wishes and sweet thoughts sent his way. As I've said a'fore, he's a good man and though stubborn as all get out, a sweet natured fella with a heart o' gold. He's still more concerned 'bout everyone else in his life - 'specially the cub scouts that miss him so. And he's still tryin' to take care of his work - if'n he doesn't, some wonderful people out there workin' "for him" might not have anything to work on next year. So, he really deserves and needs all the sweetness he can get.

I'll keep ya'll updated on the saga of the knee ... and if I don't post for a day or two, everything's okay - it's just hectic and hard to find the time to get online. I came back to bein' online this afternoon and found out that my router had died. Took me forever (and several blue words) to get a new one, get my service provider to see it, and then get it to work with my lappie.

To all of ya'll who've written me with such wonderful wishes and words of encouragement, thank you muchly! I'll be writin' ya'll back soon ... I have to get my poor ol' patootie off the chair now and out to my son's Open House and book fair, and then grab some dinner for the family. Soon as I'm back, I'll be writin' ya'll back. I'll also sneak off and get some more designin' done! Lordy, do I need to do that!! Bein' away from ya'll is bad enough, but not gettin' time to design some quilts?? Well, that's just cruel!! :-)

Until then ... big ol' warm n' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)