Okay, here's the pattern pieces for the Coneflowers block ... I'm sorry it took me a while, but I had to figure out my web host's preferred way of uploading files. Yeesh. Talk about reinventin' the wheel! :-/

Anyway, you have three options:

1. Click on the image to the left and be taken to a page with a fairly small JPG of the pattern pieces.

2. Click on this link and print the original JPG of the pattern pieces (at my site).

3. Click on this link and download the original PDF of the pattern pieces (at my site).

I really recommend downloading the PDF - since you'd get the original PDF file. PDFs are much better when it comes to quality (and file size = less download time). You can resize PDFs in a way that you can't resize raster images (like JPGs).

It's all up to you! :-)

Until tomorrow ... when I'm back with the Sunflower pattern pieces ...
Quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)