Well, shucks, I was really frustrated the other day when I wanted to post some pix of the items I was talking about (the flexi-curve, the taboret, etc) - I wanted to give ya'll a better idea of what I was talkin' about - and each time I inserted an image, much like last year's fruit cake, it just did not look right at'all. In fact, VERY much like last year's fruit cake, it looked downright scary.

So, I'ma thinkin' about doing a redesign of the blog ... something that will allow me to upload images AND look "right." 'Cause really, if'n ya'll can't visualize what I'm sayin' what good does it do? I can write all day (and believe me, I sure can!) and unless I use references to what ya'll know personally, it doesn't do much good, now does it? :-/

So, one blogging site that I really like is Heather Bailey's blog ... nice, bright colors, easy to understand and navigate ... AND room for great pix! I'd also like to get some tutorials up here soon. Of course, first things first - I've got to get the eZine finished and off to your e-mailboxes! I'd really love to get that done before you start sayin' "Sew Very Creative, who?"

Alrighty, if ya'll could be so very kind as to let me know what you think about this idea, I'd awfully appreciate it ... I've got a poll gettin' set up to the left there, asking for ya'll's opinions! Hopefully, by now, ya'll realize that I care about what you have to say!! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!!
Connie :)