Quilt Shows Alert! San Fransciso Bay area!!

For those of you who'll be in the San Francisco Bay, California area the weekend of September 22-23rd, you're in for a TREAT! You've got two, count'em, TWO quilt shows to choose from!! Yippee!! Boy, am I envious! :-)

The first is the Diablo Valley Quilters quilt show in Danville (California, o'course). If you went to their show last year, you'll be pleasantly surprised - they've expanded their venue and DOUBLED their size from last year! Did I already mention that I was envious of all of you that'll get to go to show? And Pauline, a friend of mine, and a DVQ member who'll be workin' the show, says that if you get a hankerin' for wine, you can always visit the wineries nearby! Yum! :-) If that sounds sew good to you (as it does to me!), mosey on over to their web site for more skinny on the happenin's.

After you've visited the Diablo Valley Quilters' quilt show, be sure to take a side trip to see the "Quilting in the Garden" quilt show in Livermore ... Alex Anderson (yes, THAT Alex Anderson - I love her, too!!) takes part in that show every year - why would this year be any different?! If you want to find out more about gettin' there, what to see and sew forth ... visit their web site and see what there is to see! :-)

And we can't forget the Alameda Quilt Show, who's proceeds will go to benefit the Humane Society of Alameda (if we don't help these potential QIs, who will?). For more details, give their web site a look-see. Try and make it if you can and support their wonderful cause!! They're only asking a $5 donation to get in and see the beautiful quilts and all the vendors' goodies! :-)

Alrighty, if anyone's got neat announcements to make about THEIR upcomin' quilt show, give me a holler and I'll help get the word out! You know we quilters LOVE to travel and when we do, what do we love to see more than quilts?? Other than fabric to MAKE quilts! :-)

Take a peek to the left-hand side in the next couple of days ... I'll have a new section over there (where the polls are now) givin' ya'll info on upcomin' quilt shows and wonderful opportunities to help your community!

And remember to give Pauline a big ol' hug from me when you see her! :-)

'Til next time, big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)


Rachel E. Holmen said...

year? Are these last year's shows? 2006 shows?

Anonymous said...


Hon, I do love your blog, when I stumble across it from time to time, but you REALLY gotta put the date on each post. But at least I can go to the individual websites of the guilds (which you kindly provided) to see by-how-much I MISSED their shows! That does help.

Keep up the good work, you're a fun read.