Update on "Superman" ...

The update on my hubby
It turns out that he blew out all three major ligaments AND ripped the meniscus (the cartilage between the bones). Worker's Comp (which, as I think I mentioned, we're forced to use since it happened at his work) has taken it's time getting back to us ... but it seems that the wonderful HR woman assigned to us through his work has worked her magic and we're getting a date for surgery!! This has to be the first time I've ever been happy about a loved one "going under the knife." : /

It's been brutal for him. Not a man to sit still longer than five minutes, having to be waited on and "adjustments made for" has really taken it's toll. Once a VERY active Cubmaster for our local Cub Scout Pack, he's had to step down and will be missing many activities in the next few months. It's really been such a devastating time for him.

Now he's back to work and I'm still recovering from taking care of him. Now he can drive his colleagues crazy! Not from being demanding - please don't get me wrong - but from trying to DO everything himself. If I had a penny every time that he tried to do something he shouldn't, on his own, I'd be the richest woman on earth (and you can bet I'd spend it all on fabric!). He's so stubborn! I've had to talk him out of making dinner (crutches on a potentially slippery, wet floor, anyone?), driving to work (it's his right leg that's near useless - his left, from relying on it so heavily, is almost as bad!), and much, much more!!! I swear, it's like babysitting a toddler who's just determined to touch a hot stove!

So, he'll be having surgery on the 18th - he's, of course, looking forward to it. It will be "doing something." It will be a first step on the journey to reclaiming his life. Now why aren't as I excited as he is??