Charitable causes & community projects

Well, goodness, if I didn't forget something important, here! I swear, sometimes I think I've only got two brains cells left - and durn if they hardly ever manage to rub together to make a spark! :-/

I MEANT to say earlier that if any of ya'll have any charitable organizations that you support or any charitable or community projects that you're workin' on, I'd LOVE it if you'd holler at me about'em. 'Specially if they're quilt related (or can be made quilt related). Sew, if you're workin' on (or your guild is or you know someone who is) a special quilt for a cause you feel strongly about, please let me know and I'll post a link to your organization or just provide info t'other quilters on what THEY can do to help. Or if you're auctionin' off a quilt to help a cause, or need help STARTIN' a quilt to help a cause, I'll help you get the word out on it.

As you can probably tell, I'm fair big on givin' back to the community - I've probably seen "It's a Wonderful Life" too many times! LOL! But it's somethin' that's always been close to my heart. We see such terrible stories in the news every day ... it's a real blessin' when you can do somethin' to offset the tragedy or heartache of others.

I'm also a big supporter of the "Pay it forward" principle. Doin' good things for others can only bless us in return. And it feelin' so good to do good for others doesn't hurt none, does it? :-)

Sew, please, if you have a project or cause that benefits your community (or anyone elses' o'course), please holler at me and let me know so I can help get the word out! There's others out there who'd love to help!! Let's get YOU and THEM together and let the blessin's increase!! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs to you ALL!!
Connie :-)