Sunflower patttern pieces, as promised!

As promised, here's the download links to the pattern pieces for the "FAFSQ" Sunflowers block (July 2007) ... just click on the links (there's two PDFs - one per flower, since they wouldn't fit on one page) and they'll automatically download to your desktop (or wherever you want'em!)

"FAFSQ" Left Sunflower (July 2007)
"FAFSQ" Right Sunflower (July 2007)

If you have any problems downloading'em just give me a holler! And if you'd rather download'em as JPGs, just holler at me and I'll upload'em, too! :-)

Until next time, I'll be working on the September block - as promised! And remember, I'd love to hear from ya'll!! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)


Julian's blog said...

Dear take a peak:

This site is light, airy, & fun!
Keep up the good stuff.

Sew Very Creative said...

Thank you muchly! I've seen your blog and that's high praise!! :-)

In fact, I'm eagerly (and breathlessly) awaitin' your next post! :-)

Much hugs!!

Mama Koch said...

Looks Great! Love the sunflowers.

Keep it up...we'll keep reading.

Sew Very Creative said...

Thank you SEW much Mama Koch! Ya'll bein' so sweet really means so much to me ... and it helps keep the creative juices flowin'! :-)

In fact, I've got a few more patterns that I'm finishin' up and will have posted in the next couple of days! And of course, more tips and a few favorite recipes that I'm just dyin' to share! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)