I'm sorry, ya'll ... I made a HUGE mistake in my last post - one that merits more than an edit in the post itself ... Jill has been hard at work, helpin' critters in need since 2003 and has made 5,000, no ... I'm not kidding, FIVE THOUSAND blankies for our furry friends!! I don't know 'bout ya'll but I really don't think I know ANYONE who's made 500 quilts, much less 5,000. It goes to show you just how important her cause is and how strongly she supports it!

She'll take virtually any kind of washable fabric ya'll can spare: cottons, knits, polyester, fleece, denim, flannel, etc. Please, please, I'm urgin' you to take a few minutes and look over your sewin' room ... don't you have a bit of fabric that you bought, but just never found the perfect project for? That you need to "move" to make room for new squishies? That otherwise, would just sit on your shelf, just collectin' dust? You can give that fabric a new life as the cuddly, comforting "woobie" to a four-legged friend. And the reward is more than makin' room for a new fabric acquisition - it's the knowledge that one more sweet critter is using YOUR fabric to soothe itself to sleep ... and knowing that s/he knows that someone cares.

Now, o'course, I'm not saying that Fido or Fifi will know your name and be able to thank you (I may be goofy, but I'm not THAT goofy! LOL!). But think about this, please: an animal that's given comfort in such a stressful time will better cope with other stresses. An animal that can cope with external stressors is more likely to make a good, sweet pet for a family - or an elderly person. And that equals not only a happier owner(s), but also one less sweet animal to be destroyed. That animal that you help save, could help save some person out there. Mayhap pull them out of a fire, maybe just make someone's life less lonely. The lives you save can only increase ...

So please, please, take a gander 'round your sewin' room and send some unwanted fabric to Jill ... you'll make extra room in your sewin' room for more fabric and'll make sew many lives sew much better. :-)

And not that it's THAT big of a sellin' point, but I'll repeat my offer of a special, exclusive pattern packet for those who donate fabric to Jill and Critter Comforts. You'll get doggies, kitties, birds, cows, a couple of pigs ... and more!! Just for doin' a li'l light cleanin' in your sewin' room and takin' a quick trip to the post office! If you were to buy those patterns somewhere else, well, you'd spend more than that in time and $$! I mean, a single pattern can run you $8 - and I'm offerin' at least 6! Probably more ... as I'm feelin' awfully inspired! :-)

Hopin' that Jill hears from you soon - and gets plenty of squishies SOON! :-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)