How much does the eZine cost?

That is a common e-mail question I've been gettin' here lately. And I've gotten a few subscription requests makin' sure to say "FREE eZine." So, 'afore gettin' back to designin' a few more patterns, I just wanted to address some of ya'll's concerns.

The eZine IS FREE. Well, not really free, considerin' that ya'll are paying for your internet service. And Lord knows, they've got their hands in your pocket more than almost anyone! :-)

But, I can understand ya'll bein' concerned. It seems like nowadays everyone's got their hand out sayin' "I've got this, you've got to want it - now pay me!" I can't open one of my favorite magazines without seein' an ad for this new gadget or whatsit ... a lot of which are just silly and unnecessary. Whilst a lot of those things may make quiltin' easier, our fore-mammas did quite well without'em. And don't even get me started on how expensive our "fabric habits" and sewin' machines are ...

But I'm doin' this because it's FUN and, honestly, it makes me feel good. I get to do my three favorite things: illustrate (the patterns), quilt, and meet new, wonderful people. There's very few opportunities to combine all three of those loves - and this eZine is, thankfully, one o' them. But I do appreciate ya'll askin' if it's free. If ya'll are a bit suspicious about it bein' free, it must mean that you think it's goin' to be good! :-)
(Alright, even if ya'll aren't REALLY thinkin' that, it still makes me feel good to think that ya'll are!! LOL!)

I don't think ya'll quite understand how good it feels, how Blessed I feel every time I get an e-mail from ya'll asking to join, tellin' me that you like my patterns, or just sayin' "hi." Every e-mail from ya'll is just like a big ol' hug. And I've never seen a time that a hug wasn't an upliftin' thing. :-)

And even more inspirin' is the offers to help ... I get so many of those a day that it's hard to keep up. Sew many of you ... well, ya'll are just like family to me. I know that sounds silly, but that makes it no less true. The number of e-mails that I got askin' me how my poor hubby's doin', the well-wishes, the e-mail hugs ... well, like I said already, I just feel Blessed.

Sew to me, offerin' a few patterns, a few articles, and tips n' recipes, well ... I'm by a country mile gettin' the best out of the deal. In fact, as I see it, I ought to be paying ya'll! But if there ever does come a time that I can't keep this up without generatin' some kind of revenue, it'd be to have a few ads in the eZine (I've already gotten a few requests to place ads - I'm still on the fence about that). But the eZine will ALWAYS be free to subscribers.

And just so's ya'll know, if I DO take ads in the eZine, I'm promisin' that they'd be for good shops that I, myself, would shop at (and I'm what you'd call a bit of a miser - I expect a LOT for my $$). If I can't put my own "stamp of approval" on the shop, you won't be seein' it. You'd not see anything from a fly-by-night shop or one that I didn't feel really believed in quiltin'. Now, if ya'll have anything to say about that ... to yea it or nay it, please let me know. This eZine is for YOU ... and if it isn't what you want, then there's no point in me doin' it.

So, if my takin' ads at some point bothers you or if you think it's a decent idear, please holler at me and let me know. If'n I need to, I'll post a poll about it. But I'm really hopin' that ya'll will just e-mail me. 'Cause as I've said time and time again, I LOVE hearing from you!! :-)

Okee-dokee ... that's about it for now ... if ya'll will excuse me, I've got some patterns to finish and upload! ;-)

Big ol' quilty hugs!!
Connie :-)